Date Program File
May 5, 2015 1. Strategies to prevent and respond to violence against children who are in_ contact with the justice system__Alexandra Martins_Phuket
2. CRC Optional Protocal 3 - Sotheavy Chan
3. of ACWC in Protecting the Rights of Children in ASEAN - Datin Paduka Intan Kassim
4.Compliance of CRC and UPR: Bangladesh Scenario and Responding to VAC and Diversion - Kazi Reazul Houqe
5. The Role of Independent Oversight in Preventing Violence against Young People in Detention: An Australian perspective - Alasdair Roy
6. Introduction of Participants - 05 May
7. Training Methodology - Dr. Geeta Sekhon
8. Promoting the Model Strategies VAC in Thailand – TIJ
9. . Planning the Implementation of the UN Model Strategies : Brain Gymnastics
May 6, 2015 1 Diversion_Alternative Measures - Chiam Heng Keng
2 International Instruments on Juvenile Justice -Grace C. Agcaoili
3 Transforming the lives of Juveniles through raisingthe the standards of practice - Kattiya Ratanadilok
4.1 Thai Version Diversion from Detention - Siriprakai Worapreecha
5.1 Evidence-based practices in the area of probation and diversionary programmes - Razwana Begum
5.2 Journey PSB - Razwana Begum
6 PROBATION & DIVERSION Evidence-Based Practice - Elfina L.Sahetapy
7 The alternative legal proceedings and measures for Children and Juvenile involved in Justice Circle - chareeya denninnat
8 Supports For a Child Order of Priority - Chris Graveson)
9 Quiz - Geeta Sekhon
May 7, 2015 1. Restorative Justice for Children Indian Perspective - Justice Kanade
2. International Restorative Justice for Children - Mario Hemmerling
3. National Policy as a Vehicle to Promote Restorative Justice for Children an example from Colombia - Maria Catalina
4. Family Conferencing for Juvenile Offenders Lessons from Singapore - Chang Wing Cheong
5. New Paradigm on the Indonesia Juvenile Justice System - Directorate General of Human Rights Ministry of Law and Human Rights Rep. Indonesia
6. Supports For a Child – Order of Priority - Alexandra Martins conclude
May 8, 2015 1.Towards Child-Friendly Justice in the Asia Pacific-Region Alternatives to Detentionand Restorative Justice for Children - Giulia Melotti
2. APCJJ ROADMAP - Giulia Melotti
3. Building Out a Case for Investing in Juvenile Justice - Bharti Ali
4. Global Advocacy of APCJJ Improving International Mechanisms for the Defence of Children’s Rights - Justice M Imman Ali
5. Juvenile Justice in ASEAN member states and - Christian Ranheim
6. Treatment procedure for Juvenile delinquent in Juvenile Justice cross border and the Discussion - Apichart Jarusiri
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